Every project has a messy beginning, we complete the first step with Order & Safety in mind

Demolition and Deconstruction are two important aspects to every project, and here at Pro-Construct Cleaning we put in our all to ensure that we have a clear & concise plan of action before beginning to rip out any piece of your undesired home, commercial building, storefront, or other additional unit.

Demolition vs. Deconstruction?

​First order of any successful project is to determine whether the materials will be properly removed and disposed altogether in case of a standard demolition procedure, or whether the building material will be carefully disassembled, sorted, de-nailed, and donated ​to a charity that will put 80% of the materials back to use. Demolition is more efficient which in turn comes out to be the more economical choice for homeowners and project managers. Deconstruction on the other hand will keep these materials out of the landfill and back in use in renovation and Northwest designs that have become popular in recent history in Portland, Oregon.

We are Lead-Renovation Certified

Any homes built before 1978 have a high chance were painted with a lead-based paint. With the tremendous health hazards that lead based paint poses during removal, do not take the chance with yourself or your family. Let us test your project materials, determine the risks, and according to OSHA & the EPA’s regulations safely remove and dispose of the lead-based paint accordingly so you can continue with the rest of the project worry-free.

Ensuring every aspect is discussed and covered

We want to review every aspect of the the demolition/deconstruction before the first crew arrive at your project to begin. This means understanding what style of framing we are dealing with, the potential for lead or asbestos in the material that we will be handling; electrical layout that will be effected; plumbing lines and connections, and how to properly disconnected everything beforehand; gas lines; property lines and overhead power lines: These are all details that must be spotted and a be noted with how they will be properly handled to ensure that there will be no damage.

Safety precautions utilized to ensure a successful demolition/deconstruction

We take safety seriously. Our employees are trained in today’s leading safety program with the top protocols taken into action that are reviewed every quarter by management to make sure that we are always striving to improve our team. Some of our procedures include:

  • Carefully formulated and explained scope of work for the teams to follow

  • Supervisor onsite to oversee all aspects of work

  • Every employee uses personally issued protection equipment – N100 respirators, tyvek full-body suits, back-braces, work gloves, steel toe boots, industry standard heavy duty gloves

  • Contamination zones are set into place to minimize dust transfer & debris from leaving protected work areas, and minimize effect on employees

  • Safeguards on all power tools and proper training of their required use

  • Thorough clean-up at the end of each day